Jack Narayanan
Phoenix, AZ
Hello everyone!

My love of photography began early.

I graduated from the New England Institute of Professional Photography (NEIPP). In recent years I’ve been recognized both nationally and internationally, and I received the Kodak Gallery Award from the Professional Photographers of America (PPA).

My work has earned several Blue Ribbons and Best in Show awards ranging from statewide competitions to national salons and galleries, and I’m proud to be a member of the Professional Photographers of America.

Throughout my career, I have had a transcendent passion for the magic of being a beauty and fashion photographer…
As a beauty photographer, I tend to bring out the beauty within each subject and, by leveraging relationships with talented make-up artists and hair stylists, allows me to constantly rise above expectations.

When I am creating a beauty shot, only the model’s face is visible – the frame tightly cropped to emphasize the makeup, hair or model’s expression. This can be challenging as I always need to be wary of blemishes and bad light. The aim is to capture a perfect image in perfect lighting that enhances the styling work. If there’s a single hair out of place or the makeup is wrong, it will become immediately apparent, ruining the image.

I thrive with creative fashion concepts, capturing beautifully designed products and selecting the perfect talent. Fashion photography allows me to bring the clothing to life and illustrate a story behind the collection.

When I am creating fashion portraiture, the focus is mainly on the clothing rather than the look of the model – the models’ appearance only enhances the product. Visually, the shot is really simple, with frames cropped tightly in from mid-body to the face, or from the shoulders to the face.

Again, to get a great fashion portrait, the garment and model need to be lit and styled correctly for the shot to work by creating a story around the garment and use a location and styling to match.

I am super excited in that I have been recently contacted and invited by the London School of Fashion (LSF) to come and work with some of their up and coming fashion designers to photograph all of their couture line!

“I can’t imagine my life any other way as I see the world through the lens of my camera.”

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